This/Each Week

  • Advance on HackerRank I have not made time for this. I want to say I will this week, but it seems more likely that this will take a back seat for the time being.
  • Read Hacker News It would be hard not to do this every day. I will remove the goal but continue doing this.
  • Read Indie Hackers This is a constant source of inspiration and I intend to attend another of Jeff‘s meetups next month.
  • Eat Less, Eat Better, Drink More Water Check
  • Yoga at least once a week Check
  • Watch a documentary Check
  • Journal about goals each week Check
  • Blog post about each major area of focus
    • Investment
    • Book Reviews
    • Projects

This/Each Month

  • Read a book each month Next month I am hoping to finish both The Ethical Slut and How to Win Friends and Influence People, both of which I have been in progress on for some time.
  • Invest >$1,000/mo in market-tracking ETFs I am simplifying this goal to be any kind of investing, with it in mind that then default will be my stok portfolio but that there are other ways to invest in business as well which should fall under this same goal.
  • Volunteer
    • Stand Up Placer I have helped with several recent events and intend to help with several more in the next months.
  • Play Chess I played a game against a coworker, and have a few more I want to play. This has also segued into learning Go which seems at least as intellectually stimulating.
  • Learn a new skill
  • Try a new hobby
  • Kayaking
  • Amateur Radio
  • Sail

Personal Goals

  • Eliminate all debt Next month, I intend to eliminate amazon debt, and start working on eliminating tmobile debt which will also…
  • Eliminate recurring costs
  • Save at least $1k/mo.
  • Start a new business which turns a profit see below

Learning Goals

  • Programming
    1. React
    2. C++
    3. Golang
    4. C#
    5. Angular
    6. NodeJS
  • Learn new skills
    • Learn to fly
    • Land Sailing
    • Learn Achery
    • Learn to shoot
    • Learn the constellations

Project Goals

  • Get Astria out of alpha
    • I think I have come to believe that caching functions in the database is not a good strategy. I will strip the majority of the code related to that and focus on simplifying and consolidating architect and implementing the new query and schema functions and alternative authentication methods. Then it is basically done.
  • Make at least one app completely of my own which has regular independent users. Use a new language or framework.
  • Sell food from carts again
  • Build a tiny home
  • Use machine learning to solve a problem
  • Use machine learning to make money
  • Grow food
  • Start DJing again
  • Start a monthly podcast about doing good
  • Set up ancestry websites for people
  • Expand my aggregation tool to enable users to sign up and save their preferences, etc This was driven by an API which was killed by google. I built a jank alternative in order to do my project Damage Report, but this will need to be expanded and developed into a better complete product. I think that it can be one of my apps this year that I can offer per my other goals.
  • Build out Todo tool with features like past-due and editing existing entries
  • Professional Fundraising: Throw fundraiser events for worthy causes
  • Customer service chat ops
  • RaaS
  • FSaaS