My First Night with Lyft and Uber ($225.86)

Sacramento is a sprawling metropolis, like a spoked wheel with eight freeways reaching 40 miles out from the city core up to the mountains and out across the valley.

This spoked wheel suggested a strategy; people are like a tide moving in towards the center, and later out from the center.

I started my day around dinner-time halfway out one of these spokes in an affluent suburb called Roseville. I immediately got a couple heading downtown for dinner, and a $20 fare.

I made it my strategy to head out one of the denser, more affluent spokes until I got another call heading back downtown. This worked well until the tide started heading back out from downtown. Then I switched my strategy, heading back downtown after taking each rider out to their homes.

I took home $225.86 and two bags of pretzel rolls on my first night in less than eight hours of work. This was almost triple what I made at my day job on the same day.

If you decide to start driving for Lyft and Uber, please help me out and use these links or my referral codes.

Lyft: CJ445290
Uber: CJT736UE