This Week

  • Advance on HackerRank: I haven’t made time for this. I am not sure I still feel it is an important goal. I will move it down to a lower priority.
  • Eat Less, Eat Better, Drink More Water: I feel I have made great progress here.
  • Stay up on stock and financial news: this is also becoming a lower priority. I will remove it.
  • Yoga and Kayaking: yoga has still not bee a priority but I will try to make it happen in the coming weeks, and try to set it up as a real habit at least once a week. Kayaking has sort of given way to sailing, though it is less physically active. I need to make time for both.
  • Watch a documentary.  I have wathced lots of ted talks and documentaries lately đŸ˜€
  • Learn
    • Theban: I have practiced transliterating several stanzas from vafthrudnismal. It has been a challege.
    • Enochian
  • Get rid of all the stuff ive been trying to sell
    • Ford Escape: this blew up in such a way as to become zachary’s problem. I have promised him a percentage and he is working on selling it.
  • Blog post about each major area of focus. Enumerate learning and accomplishments, direction, and upcoming goals.
    • Investment
    • Book Reviews
    • Machine Learning
    • Enterprise Development

This Month

  • Take a discovery flight: This goal gave way to burning man but it is still in the budget once i recover financially.
  • Play more Chess
  • More Amateur Radio
  • More Scuba
  • Practice Languages
    • German
    • Japanese
    • French
    • Spanish
    • ASL
  • Try a new hobby

This Year

  • Double my gross monthly income from $2600 to $5200: I am currently at about 3600. With raises in the coming months, I am on track to accomplish the goal for my tech 2u income. I still need to develop the additional sources. added DJing as a potential source.
  • At least half of that new income should be from new sources: $1300/mo ($325/wk).
    • Lyft?
    • DJ CJ
  • Start a profitable new business
    • Food Carts(?)
    • Local NPO/NGO Fundraising(?)
  • Land Sailing
  • Learn Achery
  • Learn to shoot
  • Learn The Constellations
  • Learn More Programming Languages
    • C++
    • Lisp(?)
    • Scheme(?)
  • Learn More Languages
    • Russian
    • Latin
  • Learn to Fly