This Week

  • Advance on HackerRank I dont feel like I’ve made enough time for this. I moved it to the top of my bookmarks to remind myself to take more time for it.
  • Eat Less I feel like I have had success with this. I am eating less and working out more and my bodyfat percentage has gone down as a result.
  • Eat Better I am eating a lot more salads and a lot less carbs.
  • Drink More Water  I feel like I am doing well here, drinking at least a few liters of water per day.
  • Stay up on stock and financial news I am staying up to date on stock and financial news. This has facilitated more sucess with day trading.
  • Yoga I have not done any yoga since I came back to sac. I need to make this a bigger priority. I will try to attend at least one class this week.
  • Kayaking Kayaking has always been the easiest goal to succeed in. I love kayaking and I make it happen as much as I can.
  • Watch a documentary I couldn’t tell you the last time I sat down and watched a qhole documentary. I will create a calendar event to remind myself to do this this week.
  • Get rid of all the stuff ive been trying to sell I finally sold my old thinkpad! Now just the old car left in this list. It should be repaired in the next couple of days and then I can start working towards getting rid of it.
    • Ford Escape

This Month

  • Take a discovery flight This might have to wait until next month, but it’s going to happen!
  • Take sailing lessons Today, I will pay for this and then the classes take place in a couple weeks!
  • Play more Chess I haven’t made a chance for chess lately. I will put an event in my calendar to make this happen.
  • Get a new kayak This hasn’t been a priority as my old one was less damaged than I thought, and my new car would be hard to put a hard kayak on. I will cancel this goal.
  • More Amateur Radio I have started carrying it around with me but haven’t made a chance to use it. I will create a calendar entry this week to find a few stations to start listening to.
  • More Scuba I met someone who is certified! This is a less urgent goal but still one that I want to accomplish. I will try to find an opportunity for this.
  • Practice Languages
    • German
    • Japanese
    • French
    • Spanish
    • ASL
  • Try a new hobby I will make a calendar entry to do one of these this week.

This Year

  • BE quantitatively closer to a degree. I will sign up for sierra this week, marking this goal complete.
  • Double my gross monthly income from $2600 to $5200 I have made great progress. I am 30% of the way there.
  • At least half of that new income should be from new sources: $1300/mo ($325/wk).
    • Lyft? I am getting a new california driver’s license this week which will take care of the application for lyft.
  • Start a profitable new business
    • Food Carts(?)
    • Local NPO/NGO Fundraising(?)
  • Learn Achery
  • Learn to shoot
  • Learn The Constellations
  • Learn More Programming Languages
    • C++
    • Lisp(?)
    • Scheme(?)
  • Learn More Languages
    • Russian
    • Latin