Starting PrEP

I recently found myself explaining PrEP to my mom.I decided to create a post to help other people who might need to explain the decision to start PrEP.

PrEP is an AVR or an antiretroviral drug. The World Health Organization recommends that all men who have sex with men should take AVRs.


PrEP is a combination of two drugs which have been used for many years to treat patients with HIV by preventing HIV replication in cells.

When PrEP is taken for more than a week by someone without HIV, it builds up in the cells and has the cumulative effect of preventing HIV replication throughout the body. This means that if they are exposed to HIV while they are taking PrEP, the HIV is not able to replicate in the body, and they do not become infected.

There have been numerous major studies of the effectiveness of PrEP, all concluding that it is very effective at preventing HIV infection if taken every day.

The most recent research shows that PrEP is as effective as condoms if used according to the instructions.

One recent study took place in San Francisco with gay men at very-high-risk of HIV infection. The study took place over 2.5 years and a sample size of over 600 people. PrEP was 100% effective. No one became infected with HIV.


For me, it is a larger issue than my own health and the health of the people I have sex with. I’m also buying into a burgeoning industry and supporting the development of a product that will eventually grow to save millions of lives.

One in four people has HIV in some parts of the world. Buying PrEP now means that sooner than later, those people will also have access to this life-saving medicine.