I’m Paying $10/month for Unlimited Everything

Nexus 5I am paying just $10 a month for truly unlimited calls, texts, and data; and they mean it. A couple years ago I switched to T-Mobile primarily because they had the Nexus 5 and Verizon didn’t.

I got lots of perks along the way like a free $180 router and no-interest financing for lots of devices like my Moto 360, Nexus 5, and Nexus 6.

Initially, this truly unlimited everything plan was $100/month. But for a while, T-Mobile was doing a promotion where you can add someone to your plan and share the truly unlimited everything for no additional cost, effectively splitting it to just $50/month.

I jumped on the opportunity, adding my brother to my plan. He got a Moto 360 of his own and a Nexus 6 to go with it, and even with the added cost of financing those devices, he was still paying less than he had been paying before he joined my plan.

Next, I convinced my work to switch our company phone plans to T-Mobile, not even knowing this would benefit me. Later I learned of the Business Family Discount which allows companies that use T-Mobile to doll out a $40 monthly discount for each line they have. We had about 50 phones signed up with T-Mobile at this point, so there was plenty of room for me on the list.

This takes my share of the bill down to just $10 per month and I still get the same truly unlimited everything as when I was paying ten times as much.