Choosing Nexus 5 over Galaxy S5

Today I decided to get a Nexus 5 instead of the new Samsung GS5. The biggest reasons; bloatware, value and wireless charging.
The Galaxy S5 comes with a marginally faster processor than the Nexus 5. This tiny difference is offset by the vast amount of crapware installed on the Galaxy S5, inevitably slowing its performance with useless UI “enhancements” which device owners do not have the power to remove without modifying the phone and voiding the warranty and insurance.
The Galaxy S5 does not support wireless charging, and in order to add the “feature” of being waterproof for short periods, there is a flimsy, obnoxious plastic cover which has to be unsnapped from the charging port every time you plug it in. Nexus 5 comes with wireless charging built in which for me is a huge winner, since I already have wireless chargers for my old phone.
All of these Galaxy S5 “features” just about double the price. ($349 versus $650) Luckily, T-Mobile offers to split up the cost of either device for 24 months with zero interest. I chose to pay half down for the Nexus 5, which puts my monthly phone payment at $9 on top of the $80 “Truly Unlimited Everything Plan.”
The lady claimed that T-Mobile allows users unlimited LTE data under this plan with no throttling or limits ever.
We’ll see about that! :]