Transcendental Frustration

In life there are moments when the course of an entire interpersonal relationship takes place in just a few seconds and yet it’s so poignant that you remember it for years. Appreciating a glance, a laugh, a smile from a perfect stranger is a big part of life. Knowing that you’ll walk away and never see that person again makes it all the more vivid a memory. Trust me when I say you can choose to build your life around these moments and nothing more.

Then there are other relationships which transcend the moments. Those three or four people you keep in touch with over the years and go to with your problems and frustrations.
I’m 22. I’ve lived in a lot of places and met a lot of people. I look back with a fond nostalgia on a true plethora of moments. Soooo much has happened, and I carry so little of it with me. But those three or four people who I do carry with me affect me on a level I can’t really explain. I miss them so much that I sometimes ask myself if I should pick up and go find them. But they’re all in different places and in the end they’ve all grown since I knew them and it probably wouldn’t be the same. But I can’t help but miss those best few friends who’ve become forever a part of me.