Psychedelic Glasses From Decomp ($10)

Burning Man Decompression was a blast this year. I wore a pair of psychedelic glasses which made everything look like this. A lot of people asked me for the link to them, so here it is! They just look like normal glasses from the outside… Another person had this pair which were also popular so¬†… Continue reading Psychedelic Glasses From Decomp ($10)

Advanced Playa Air Conditioner

I did another post about building a simple playa air conditioner. I made several major innovations over existing designs, but also repeated a major failure of existing designs. In this post, I will describe my process of addressing this failure and improving further on the prevailing designs for DIY playa air conditioners. Fundamentals All DIY… Continue reading Advanced Playa Air Conditioner

Anti-Darkwadding with Sound-Reactive Lights

I’ve been talking about doing this for a while and I finally pulled the trigger. I will probably safety pin these to bags and costumes throughout the burn. I think these would also be cool inside a clear backpack. Check out the video! Parts List 3x USB-C Light-Up Charger Cord 3x USB Sound-Reactive Disco Light… Continue reading Anti-Darkwadding with Sound-Reactive Lights

Queerborhood Wifi

Phase-One This is the final draft proposal for the pilot project to tie into the new borg network. If successful, the project could eventually deliver WiFi to the Queerborhood (7:30 sector). There have been several changes of priority since the first draft of this proposal. This final version features a mast with a microwave dish… Continue reading Queerborhood Wifi

How I Made a Transparent Light-Up RGB/LED Hoodie!

Version 1.0 First let’s look at the finished product! It was inspired by the scene in the original Blade Runner when Decker¬† is chasing Zora and she is basically naked but wearing a transparent hoodie or poncho. I liked the ironic way that her clothes sort of Queered the expectation of clothes as hiding what’s… Continue reading How I Made a Transparent Light-Up RGB/LED Hoodie!

2019 Gear List: Exploring Shiftpod Alternatives

Last year, I took way too much stuff. This year, I am taking far less stuff and focusing on a smaller and more efficient footprint. Home v3 has about a quarter the footprint of Home v2. It’s not just about bringing less stuff, it’s about being more effective. Aluminet stretched over a small light-proof shelter… Continue reading 2019 Gear List: Exploring Shiftpod Alternatives