Currently, I favor this format for tracking my goals. It lets me visualize contingent objectives and their prerequisites while maintaining my focus on the short-term. This list is only for abstract goals. Specific granular details are still tracked on Trello per Pieter Levels’ excellent recommendation.

  • Finish my transfer credits
    • Get a Bachelors in CS from anywhere (preferably Berkeley, PSU)
      • Get an MBA from anywhere
  • Finish a dozen free DJ gigs for nonprofits, start a weekly DJ podcast
    • Sign a couple of weekly DJ gigs and maybe some school districts
      • Hire DJ help
        • Expand with additional rigs
  • Complete Astria SchemaRoute, TeamManager, and FeedSync
    • Simplify and condense Astria
    • Launch outsourced market research project to test latest CRM betas
      • Integrate development of  FSCRM with Trowbridge.Events
      • Explore Lamda-driven FSCRMaaS. Produce test cases and result data.
        • Launch free Powerhouse/FSCRMaaS
  • Invest in Software Engineering Career
  • Learn new skills