USP 514 Assignment 1

ASSIGNMENT #1 INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT – DUE OCTOBER 5TH  Read and complete the assignment below. Send via email to no later than October 5th Write “514 Assignment #1″and your name in subject line of the email 1) Ideally you will do this assignment by walking through the geographic area you live in wearing a mask and social distancing.… Continue reading USP 514 Assignment 1

USP 514 Session 6 Notes

Session 6: Sustainable Development for Whom? Readings Development: Sustainable for Whom?, Franciscans Paper for United Nations Sustainable development often advertises itself as beneficial for everyone. In fact it’s usually not. The argument is that we need to expand the definition of sustainable development to include human rights and make sure not to intensify or exacerbate… Continue reading USP 514 Session 6 Notes

USP 514 Session 5 Notes

Session 5: Equitable Sustainable Development Apparently we are skipping this? NO REQUIRED READING FOR SESSION FIVE/SIX HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT Watch the video: The Costs of Inequality: Joseph Stiglitz, TEXxColumbiaSIPA (16 minutes) Answer the following questions in writing and be prepared to discuss them in class.  What are Stiglitz’s main points about inequality in the USA? The economic story… Continue reading USP 514 Session 5 Notes

USP514 Session 4 Notes

September 14th and 16th Session Four: Sustainable Development in Historical Context This session will focus on the origins of the concept of sustainable development and how it is connected to the concept of development. Our discussion will be guided by the following questions: What is meant by the term “development”? To improve the accessibility or availability of… Continue reading USP514 Session 4 Notes

USP514 Session 3 Notes

Session Three Urban Design Principles  In this session students will work in small groups to discuss the Urban Design Principles outlined in the required reading below; please read carefully and make notes as you read.   REQUIRED READING FOR SESSION THREE (click on Session 3 on left side to access reading) Ten Urban Design Principles Every Humanitarian… Continue reading USP514 Session 3 Notes

USP514 Session 2 Notes

Session Two Challenges in Cities Around the World This session will focus on identifying contemporary urban planning and policy issues of concern to students in the course.. Identify contemporary urban planning and policy challenges and opportunities. The following question will guide our discussion: What principles can be used to provide direction for urban administrators as… Continue reading USP514 Session 2 Notes

USP514 Session 1 Notes

Final Questions What did you learn in each session? (One page each) How did the class impact your professional development? How did the class impact your personal development? Homework Questions for each reading Who wrote this article and what was their training? How does the article focus on sustainable development? What geographic and/or social context/space… Continue reading USP514 Session 1 Notes