Queerborhood WiFi

This is a proposal for setting up a wifi system on playa to tie into the new borg net and deliver WiFi to the queerborhood (7:30 sector). Per the borg’s recommendation, the main connection is a Ubiquiti NanoBeam.

We also need a pole mount junction box to hold the power injector, a surge suppressor, and the first wifi router. This connects to the antenna via a 50 foot cat 5e cable because the antenna must be 40 feet off the ground. We will also need power run to the box, but we have lots of extension cords.

Next we need a mesh WiFi system to reach throughout the camp. We also need to make sure it’s simple, reliable, and easy to use and that it allows us to remove troublemakers and limit download speed so people aren’t hogging the connection. Google WiFi is the obvious choice.

For neighboring camps in the Queerborhood that want to tie into our system, they will just need one or two cheap wifi repeaters. Our system is doing all the heavy lifting of connecting to the borg and distributing a balanced network throughout our camp and to the edges of the adjacent camps.

Total cost to us: $447.72